Q&A: Thinking of Selling Your Home? Tips for Resale

Question: I am thinking about selling my home but am not sure what to do first and if I should do any updates to my home that will help it’s resale value. Any pointers?

Answer: Placing your home on the market requires objectivity and a specific amount of preparation. I get asked this question a lot about where you should spend your time and money. As your chosen real estate professional, I will guide you through the whole process and make things much smoother for you.Here are some of the criteria I will help you with:
  • Appreciating the impression your home will make on potential buyers
  • Defining the right improvements you can undertake to sell your home faster and at the best possible price
  • Outline suggested interior and exterior preparations for cleaning, repair and organization
  • De-clutter and depersonalizing your space to achieve the broadest appeal
  • Connect you to professionals to assist you in preparing your home for sale, such as painters, cleaners, contractors, carpenters, repair people, home stagers and more!