Sunday Surprise in my Inbox! Thank You Linda and Rick!

Looking for a realtor that works for you and goes beyond her job description then Lois is your realtor. Don't settle for less because she is the BEST!!! Lois is professional, knowledgeable, has an incredible work ethic which is so hard to find these days, 100% genuine, kind hearted, goes the extra mile in all that she does and cares about you and your needs not about what she will get out of it at the end. We met Lois by chance, a miracle at work we think, at one of her open houses we just happened to stumble upon. From that moment my husband and I felt and knew she was different from all the other realtors we had encountered. 
She set us up on her client search, sending us listings but never once pressured us. We informed her that when that dream house came up we would know . Well that dream house came up. Believe me when I say that Lois worked tirelessly and beyond anything we ever would have expected a realtor would do. 
She helped us get our house ready in 3 days and I do mean help! She helped clean, pack, sort, move, stage and get it listed and on the market in record time. Meanwhile keeping an eye on our dream house and keeping in contact with that realtor. 
Let me tell you it disrupted our lives having high demanding jobs, parents of 2 young children and my injury makes things harder and only added more stress. Lois recognized all this and made it bearable for us and cared. All the things she does or asks you to do, no matter how ridiculous it seems or you absolutely hate the idea, just do it because somehow it works and she gets your place sold in record time with that magic number that you need.
Next came the hard part , trying to make a deal as the buyer for our dream home. This was a challenge that seemed like it was not meant to be ,but Lois did the impossible. Lois backs down from no challenge in fact it motivates her to try harder. She kept at it brain storming, negotiating and behold a miracle deal was made. She closed our dream home deal never once giving up. We could not believe it! She was definitely our Angel realtor!  We feel it was a miracle deal that no one else could  have pulled off or even would have kept trying. 
When the buying and selling is done  she does not stop there. She helps you right to the end with all the closings details, making sure everything is on the right track and going as planned. 
We are forever in her debt and are so grateful that words are not enough to express our gratitude. She is a rare find, a truly great miracle realtor and person. 
 We recommend Lois to everyone looking for a realtor. If this written reference is not enough please contact Lois and ask  for our number and we will gladly give a personal reference. We not only got our dream house but we gained  a friendship with a truly  genuine, fabulous person.   THANK-YOU  LOIS THANK-YOU
Linda, Rick, Angellkia, Nickolas